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Ultimate Headband is a VR project that was developed during a 2 day game jam with the theme "80s straight to VHS Action Movie".  The premise is that the player is an 80s action movie character who must disarm the unlock timer on a case that contains green, glowy evil that will melt all the faces in China Town.  To disarm the unlock timer, the hero must get clues by killing lieutenants of Evil Bad Guy Gang, who put this nefarious plot in motion to set the hero up so that they could steal his Ultimate Headband.  The player will have to kill waves of enemy gang members before the lieutenants throw themselves mercilessly at your muzzle fire to rip the Ultimate Headband from your...head.  As they fall before you, a post-it note will drop and give you clues as to which wires must be cut to stop the green glowy evil from being released!  Along the way, your trusty garbage man side-kicks will drive by with some useful equipment stowed away in trash cans that you can shoot to upgrade your weapons.  Machine guns?  Yes please!  Rocket launchers?  Hell yeah!  Grenades?  You better believe it!  So much mayhem!  So many explosions!  The 80's were amazing and this sick ass game puts you back in the middle of it!  Hasta la vista, baby.

Published Jun 12, 2017
TagsVirtual Reality (VR)

Install instructions

Extract _Data and .exe files to a folder, run .exe


Ultimate_Headband_JamFinal.zip 50 MB

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